Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for The ROCK LEGENDS band


These are the MINIMUM requirements for the band to perform:



(When requested)

A 4 way PA system with subs and front fills suitable for the size of the venue,
which will comfortably produce an undistorted 110db of sound.

Preferred systems are L’Acoustics, Martin, D&B, Mayer, JBL, Turbosound, etc.


No special effects are required, only a good quality reverb/echo for vocals
plus gates/comps/effects etc for the drums.


(When requested)


A quality 5 way monitor mix with 15”+2” or 12”+2” bi-amped monitors and a 3-way drum fill.
A separate side-stage monitor desk is preferred (stage left).

Some members of the band will also use in ear monitors in addition to the floor monitors.

 Please refer to our Stage Plan and Monitor Mix document that can be downloaded from our website


(When requested)

There are no special lighting requests – just a good light show,

preferably with back-lighting and off-stage front lighting

Be creative!

NO strobe lighting is to be used on stage during a performance!



(When requested)


With all supplied systems, competent and experienced sound and lighting engineers must always be provided.

The band will NOT usually bring their own sound or lighting engineers with them

unless the show has been booked as a complete package including PA and Lighting.

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